Tired of Last Minute Cancellations? – Say No More!

When you work in an office, last minute cancelations can be the most annoying thing to deal with. A lot of times, the office takes out their anger on the client because the office probably got a confirmation phone call that they ignored. This is often the case, so new appointment reminder services have come up with a more effective way of letting clients know they have an appointment in the near future.

Innovative appointment reminder services do not use voicemails to get ahold of the patient. They use SMS, email and voice recordings. This is very effective and much quicker than the voicemail method most offices use. When the patient receives a text message or an email, they can answer it right then and there. They simply have to reply with either “confirm” or “cancel.” This eliminates no-shows and last minute cancelations because the patient remembers to answer as soon as they get the reminder. This will also save the office money because they no longer have to pay a bunch of staff members to make the reminder phone calls, that often times get ignored.

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If you work in an office and notice that you get more no-shows than the actual patients that do show up, an appointment reminder service is the perfect solution for you. They are also quick and easy to use. There is no software that you have to download; they run right with the software that your office already uses. This is a great bonus because you don’t have to spend much time training the staff members. Appointment reminder services are simple to use and easy to figure out. You will all have it mastered the same day you get it.

Appointment reminder services already save many offices a ton of money and have relieved them from the stress of no-shows and last minute cancellations. The staff members are free to work on other things that need to get done in the office and no longer have to worry about calling people’s houses and leaving voicemails that 99% of them don’t even listen too. We are all guilty of doing it, and I know I would personally much rather get a text message reminding me about an appointment, rather than a long, annoying voicemail.